Discrete and Analog Sensors for DPS RTUs…

Analog Temperature & Humidity Sensors Plus Temp Sensor with Probe

Temperature Sensor with Probe

Fresno CA, USA — DPS Telecom sells Temperature Sensor with Probe (100 ?? to 355?? F), Model D-PG-274-10A-00, a high temperature analog temperature sensor with probe that measures from 100 to 355 ??F (37.8 to 179.4 ??C).

Temperature Sensor with Probe Model D-PG-275-10A-00, is an analog temperature sensor with probe measures from ???20?? to 180?? F (-28.9?? to 82.2 ??C).

Native operating voltage 8.5 VDC to 35 VDC. This package includes resistor for use in ???48 V operations.

Temperature Sensor with Probe (Stereo jack)

Temperature/Humidity Sensor with ???48 VDC to ???12 VDC Converter

Analog/Temperature and Humidity Sensor Package (???48 V)

Single unit self-contained temperature and humidity sensor. Temperature range: 23 to 131 ??F (???5?? to 55 ??C). Humidity Range: 0% RH to 100% RH temperature compensated.

Both temperature and humidity outputs are linearized across the 4 to 20 mA output. Package includes ???48 V power adapter.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Analog Temperature/Humidity Sensor Only

Same as above, except power supply not included. Typically used with NetGuardian units equipped with 12 V output power option. RoHS 6 of 6 compliant.

For details visit: www.dpstele.com/products/p/temperature_humidity_motion_sensors.php

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