ENVIRO-SEN???: A Temp Controlled Sensor Enclosure

A 14 gauge steel, industrial grade NEMA 4 enclosure designed for out-of-range temperatures and conditions where rain and/or snow may be encountered

Cumberland RI, USA — The ENVIRO-SEN??? is a rugged, NEMA 4 industrial grade, temperature controlled enclosure designed to maintain optimum internal operating temperatures over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

In general, gas sensors (along with many other types of sensors and their electronics) are usable and/or remain within calibration limits over a restricted temperature range.

If the temperature limits are exceeded, the sensors may sustain permanent damage, or provide readings that have significant errors.

With the ENVIRO-SEN, electrochemical oxygen sensors and non-dispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensors, for instance, can be operated over an expanded temperature range from as low as -40 ??F to as high as +140 ??F.

Production Information

The ENVIRO-SEN is equipped with an industrial grade, thermostatically controlled heater designed to maintain a preset (field adjustable) internal enclosure temperature.

For applications where the external skin temperature of the enclosure may reach as high as +140 ??F, the ENVIRO-SEN can be equipped with an optional, thermostatically controlled vortex cooler designed to cool the internal temperature of the enclosure to maintain optimum conditions.

The ENVIRO-SEN features a 14 gauge steel, NEMA 4 enclosure designed for indoor installations as well as for outdoor requirements where exposure to rain and/or snow may be expected.

For applications where condensation of water in the sample gas lines are anticipated, the ENVIRO-SEN can be used to help maintain sample gas temperatures above the dew point temperature of the gas, thus helping to eliminate condensation prior to analysis. Consult the factory for further information.

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: 15??? H x 12??? W x 5.3??? D
Dimensions with Optional Vortex Cooler: 19.5??? H x 12.7??? W x 5.3??? D
Weight: Approximately 25-30 pounds depending on options selected
Input power: 115 VAC/50-60 Hz
Sample Gas Connections: 1/4??? Stainless steel compression type
Optional Vortex Cooler: Requires a supply of compressed air; Gas connection 1/8??? NPT

Enclosure Construction:

* 14 gauge steel rated NEMA 4
* Stainless steel clamps on three sides of cover
* Gasketed front door hinged on left side
* Gray polyester powder coating inside and out

Temperature Ranges: -40 ??F to +140 ??F (Internal enclosure temperatures of +60 ??F will be maintained with outside temperatures as low as -40 ??F. Case cooling recommended when ambient temperatures exceed +100 ??F. Maximum ambient temperature allowable is +140 ??F.)

For complete details and how to order visit: http://aoi-corp.com/products/custom_systems/enviro-sen/default.html

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