High Performance Precision Dew-Point Hygrometer

Michell Instruments’ S8000 Integrale
Rowley MA, USA & ELY, UK — The new S8000 Integrale continues Michell???s tradition of excellence in the design of high performance products. This new generation of Michell hygrometers/dew point meters offers unmatched accuracy and repeatability in dew point measurement of air and gas systems in laboratories and many field applications.

With its powerful state of the art thermoelectric heat pump the S8000 Integrale can precisely measure at dew points down to -60 ??C (-76 ??F).

The integrated sensor head allows the instrument to function as a stand alone instrument.

Available in the vertical and horizontal configuration the S8000 Integrale can also be supplied in a rugged transportable case.

Information online at: www.michell.com/us/products/s8000_integrale.htm

Michell Instruments is a worldwide leader in the field of moisture and humidity measurement solutions. With over 30 years experience, Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions capable of measuring dew-point, humidity and oxygen in a vast range of applications and industries ranging from compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more.

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