Tiny & Sensitive Medical Thermistors

The Smallest & Most Sensitive Thermistors for Medical Uses

Smallest & Most Sensitive Thermistors for Medical Uses
Tiny & Sensitive Thermistors for Medical Uses

Palo Alto CA, USA — AdSem, Inc. has announced a full range of unique Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) medical thermistors. Their tiny size, high sensitivity and low heat capacity means they respond quickly and provide greater temperature discrimination due to their extreme sensitivity to temperature, the highest of any thermistor.

The very small size of the sensitive elements, as small as 0.25 mm x 0.25 mm (0.10″ X 0.10″) in crossection) with 2 meter long leads makes them attractive for catheter uses or applications where the sensor needs to travel a long distance through a narrow openings to the test site in high humidity/water environment, like the human body.

Both the Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge) NTC catheter thermistors offered by AdSem are chemically stable in water (as opposed to standard ceramic oxide thermistors) and have significantly higher thermal sensitivity (-5.0 %/degree for Ge and -7.3%/degree for Si at room temperature) than ceramic thermistors or any other temperature measuring devices.

AdSem’s NTC thermistors are intended for highly reliable and accurate temperature measurements inside a human body with the fastest response for a small temperature change.

Si and Ge catheter thermistors are available both for wide temperature range applications in range from -70 ??C to +80 ??C and also for narrow temperature range (a few degrees or even a few tenths of a degree).

The catheter thermistors are available immediately for medical temperature sensor users.

For more information visit the AdSem Medical Thermistor Online Catalog page. Both standard and custom designs are available.

About AdSem

AdSem develops and produces semiconductor thermistors for any temperature between 1 mK and 500 ??C. AdSem has invented and developed high temperature Silicon and Germanium NTC thermistors as well as an industrial technology for their manufacture. AdSem has opened a new era in temperature sensing industry by bringing semiconductor technology into the 70-years old market of ceramic NTC thermistors. AdSem is also the only company in the world that offers Ge and Si high reflective mosaic monochromators for slow neutrons, gamma – and X-rays.

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