Lascar EL-USB-1-LCD Temps Data Logger

CHESTERLAND OH, USA — CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its most affordable solution for convenient yet accurate temperature monitoring: the Lascar EL-USB-1-LCD Temperature Data Logger.

The Model EL-USB-1-LCD low-cost self-contained USB datalogger provides an inexpensive, easy to use solution for stand-alone temperature data recording. LASCAR data loggers start at less than $100 and are renowned for their reliability in many industries including medical monitoring, food and agriculture, climate control, and residential uses.

This datalogger measures temperatures across a -35 to +80 ??C (-31 to +176 ??F) measurement range at a high ?? 0.5 accuracy. Current readings, status, and a variety of other temperature information including maximum and minimum logged temperature are all clearly displayed on the logger???s high contrast LCD with a two and a half digit temperature display function.

The LCD shows three different recorded readings which can be cycled through using the built-in push button.

In addition, logging and alarm status are shown using two high intensity LEDs. Users can also choose among immediate, delayed and push-to-start logging.

The EL-USB-1-LCD data logger measures and stores up to 16,378 temperature readings for extended logging. User-programmable alarm thresholds allow users to stay appraised whenever temperatures suddenly go out of specifications, providing an easy failsafe.

It is well-protected against moisture to a high IP67 standard when the protective cap is fitted, and is also supplied complete with a long-life lithium battery which can typically allow logging for up to 1 year.

The built-in USB interface enables connection of the EL-USB-1-LCD to a PC for hassle-free setup and data downloads.

FREE, purpose-designed software running under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 is also included.

Data accessibility is made even more convenient with the addition of the EL-DataPad Handheld Data Collector & Programmer, which allows users to quickly configure their units, download data, and view logging results on the spot on a 2.8??? TFT display. This saves time and increases productivity by eliminating the need to retrieve each logger from its environment and take it to a PC.

The EL-USB-1-LCD data collector is powered by a rechargeable long-life lithium battery, which can typically allow logging for 8 hours.

Lascar data loggers connect to the EL-DataPad via a standard USB port at the top of the viewer. Once connected, the user is guided through the collector???s simple touchscreen menu with options to setup, stop logging, and download and view data.

Data from as many as 100 EL-USB-1-LCD loggers can be viewed on the DataPad, with data from a further 400 units stored on the unit at any one time. Data can be transferred to a PC or Mac using a micro USB cable supplied with the unit.

Once uploaded, data is saved in comma separated variable (csv) format, making it suitable for import into spreadsheet packages such as Microsoft Excel or graphed on a PC using Lascar???s EL-WIN-USB software.

For more information on the Lascar EL-USB-1-LCD Temperature Data Logger, the EL-DataPad Data Collector, other Lascar dataloggers measuring humidity, current, voltage and more, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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