A low cost entry level hot metal detector

Users have asked for a no-frills unit and here it is: The HMD-1000!!!

ASC_HMD_image003Pittsburgh PA, USA — American Sensors Corp. (ASC) have had many customers ask for a low cost, entry level hot metal detector (HMD) without all the bells and whistles for a while now.

The answer is the HMD-1000.

The HMD-1000 is a low cost entry level hot metal detector with a smaller footprint than ASC’s more advanced model HMD-3000-D, but fulfills all the basic requirements for a HMD.

The streamlined design features fast response times, normally open and normally closed relay outputs, a solid state output, normal and high sensitivity modes.

The HMD-1000 has the ability to handle a wide range of applications with temperatures down to 225 ??C, and adjustable threshold levels.

The HMD-1000 is available in 110-240 VAC and 24 VDC input voltage models.

Download HMD-1000‘s Brochure.

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