NEW Enhanced Version of FLIR T650sc IR Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera for Industrial & Fundamental R&D

T650sc thermal imaging camera
FLIR T650sc thermal imaging camera

Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has announced a new and enhanced version of the FLIR T650sc thermal imaging camera.

Tailor made for research and development, the FLIR T650sc combines high accuracy (??1 ??C) and outstanding sensitivity to routinely deliver accurate measurement of even the smallest temperature differences (<20 mK).

The FLIR T650sc measures temperature of up to +2,000 ??C and includes a 5 Megapixel digital camera to provide clear visual images that may be overlaid with your IR data.

With real-time radiometric recording in the camera, it is possible to capture fast events on the camera???s SD card for further analysis by the supplied analysis software.

A new, highly intuitive touchscreen user interface facilitates productive use of the FLIR T650sc with a minimum of training.

The camera combines excellent ergonomics and feature-rich flexibility with superior image quality of 640 ?? 480 pixel Infrared resolution.

The FLIR T650sc camera is equipped with FLIR’s proprietary ???Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)??? feature, which produces an image richer in detail than ever before.

Continuous auto-focus makes the FLIR T650sc the first fully automatic IR camera on the market.

Designed to be truly portable,?? the FLIR T650sc provides users with the flexibility of easy movement between experiments.

A host of advanced measuring and analysis functions, plus contrast optimizer, laser pointer and voice annotation makes the camera flexible enough to adapt to your every need. A programmable button provides easy access to favorite functions.

For further information on the FLIR T650sc please visit or contact FLIR Systems at or +32-3665-5100.

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