Pest Control Kit for Wireless Temps Monitoring

New Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit Proves Bedbug Sterilization
CHESTERLAND OH, USA — With summer well underway, exterminators and pest control companies are increasingly called out to deal with Cimex Lectularius, better known as the common bedbug. Thriving in this especially dry season, these bloodsucking parasites are difficult to eradicate and can also cause rashes, allergic symptoms, and loss of sleep.

During the lengthy heat treatment process, it???s vital to avoid overheating the infested room and to make sure that the temperature doesn???t rise too quickly.

To provide pest control workers with real-time monitoring, CAS DataLoggers now offers the new Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit to verify that the correct sterilization temperature is reached and maintained per specifications for sufficient time to guarantee complete eradication.

Using these new temperature dataloggers, exterminators can prove to their customers that the job was done right and that a good night???s sleep is in their future.

Suitable for any thermal sterilization treatment up to 175 ??F (79 ??C), this convenient kit includes 6 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers and also includes a 10-ft probe to monitor the temperature in hard-to-reach spaces where bedbugs often hide such as between mattresses, within walls or underneath rugs and carpets.

Workers can rely on comprehensive monitoring using 3 data loggers equipped with internal temperature sensors with a measuring range of -40 ??F to 176 ??F (-40 ??C to 80 ??C), and 3 loggers with external sensors measuring from -76 ??F to 311 ??F (-60 ??C to 155 ??C).

Logger memory holds 16,000 points of data, enabling thorough quality control.

Especially suited to extermination work, these wireless dataloggers allow the user to monitor and record temperature from a 500-ft range and in real-time.

Additionally, the kit includes a Handheld Data Collector which links wirelessly to the remote units and displays all the temperature recorder data at once. Users can download data to a PC via USB and also store up to 256,000 readings.

The handheld collector clearly shows current data on its backlit LCD graphical display and features a convenient jog dial for easy operation. Real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that users stay on top of their data, and the collector???s charting function shows all data in an easily understandable format.

The kit???s optional USB Wireless Base Station interfaces directly with PCs so that data can then be downloaded, graphed with Windows software and printed out to provide hard copy reports for clear proof of best practices.

The wireless range can easily be extended by registering the base station as a Repeater to relay communication with remote units. Users can also set alarms to warn personnel if the room???s temperature exceeds a preset minimum or maximum value, issuing warnings onscreen and through emails and text messaging.

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