iQuality??? HACCP Monitoring PDA for Food Services

iQuality??? is a powerful web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection programs

PAR Tech iQuality??? HACCP Compliance Monitoring Hand Held PDA

Woodland Hills CA, USA –?? Green Edge Systems, Inc.?? presents the PAR Tech iQuality??? HACCP Compliance Monitoring Hand Held PDA at the California School Nutrition Association Conference and Exhibition, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, January 29-30, 2010, Booth#224.

iQuality is a powerful web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection programs for large food service organizations such as school food services.

Combining the best technology in PDAs (handheld computers), temperature data acquisition, and .NET web-based software, iQuality automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error.

Critical information is centralized through web-based reporting, audit trails, and checklist-management tools.

Corrective actions are provided when unsafe conditions are detected. Paperwork is eliminated.

Through iQuality’s efficient inventory recall alert system, any problem can be addressed before an outbreak occurs.

??? Inputs temperature probe data directly into the PDA
??? Ensures checkpoints are actually visited
??? Prompts with corrective actions whenever a critical limit is exceeded
??? Manages multi-step processes such as cooling
??? Makes reports instantly available via web-browser
??? Ensure critical food handling procedures are followed via automated checklists, action prompts, and audit trails
??? Streamline regulatory reporting with paperless data capture
??? Stay on top of the latest safety procedures with centralized configuration and automatic change distribution
??? Improve awareness of food safety with instant alerts and enterprise reports
??? Avoid initial acquisition costs with PAR hosting of the enterprise component
??? Simplify support with centralized configuration tool and easy-to-use hardware/and software
??? Deploys easily with .NET web-based architecture

By automating management of HACCP plans. iQuality??? ensures critical points are maintained. With real-time data delivery, it enables exception-based reporting and alerts while capturing timestamps and operator names for audit trail.

iQuality??? Maintains excellent records of compliance including execution timing, HACCP, recall alert action status, missing checklists, not observed, top violations, violation details, single checklist detail, and a daily summary.

Claim Jumper is one of iQuality’s customers.

“As a leader in the food service industry, food safety and freshness is one of the most important aspects of our business and maintaining our reputation,” said Ted Stathakis, vice president of technology for Claim Jumper.

“The use of iQuality has allowed us to easily maintain HACCP regulations and improve the quality and quickness of our reporting process, because everything is electronic and readily available to operators. ”

iQuality enables Claim Jumper Restaurants to proactively support and provide enterprise control for its Hazard Analysis for Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs by offering ready access to checklists, enterprise updates and reports for site and corporate staff.

The easy-to-use tool utilizes a combination of software, a temperature probe and a waterproof handheld device to automate food safety and inspection programs at each restaurant site, allowing chefs to focus on great taste and presentation rather than filling out forms.

When a walkthrough is due, the application notifies kitchen staff with flashing and audible alarms. Step-by-step checklists take employees through the correct procedures.

Temperature data is automatically captured, reducing opportunities for error. If checkpoints are missed or unsafe conditions are detected, iQuality provides real-time feedback with recommended corrective actions.

Once a checklist is complete, the information is transmitted to an enterprise database, where it is available for government-mandated and organizational reporting.

Updates to the application such as adding new items, checklists, and procedures are also made at the enterprise level and automatically synchronized with the handheld units at each site.

“The ability to manage the application and check reports from every Claim Jumper Restaurant over our WAN is invaluable,” said Stathakis.

“We are able to monitor every restaurant, which helps us improve food quality, maintain control of the brand and enhance the Claim Jumper Restaurant reputation around the country.”

Claim Jumper implemented iQuality over two years ago and more than 600 employees in the company’s 44 sites use the system.

To date, iQuality has enabled Claim Jumper Restaurants to capture critical food safety data consistently across the enterprise, streamline regulatory reporting with paperless procedures, and reinforce best practices when unsafe conditions are detected.

iQuality is a PAR Tech Inc product.

PAR Tech is the industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry worldwide. We provide technology solutions for a wide range of operations; from independent table service restaurants to international QSR chains, resorts, gaming and cruise lines.

With point-of-sale systems in more than 50,000 restaurants in over 105 countries, PAR is redefining point of sale with technologically advanced, powerful and flexible hardware and software solutions, as well as installation, service and professional services based on decades of restaurant experience.

PAR’s new and expanding product line includes solutions for POS with back office computers and servers, operational reporting, wireless ordering and payment, kitchen management and food safety. PAR’s solutions are backed by PAR’s global service infrastructure.

PAR offers state-of-the-art data center hosting with redundant architecture, multiple firewalls, fiber trunks, and power grids. Physical security is best-in-class with 24X7X365 tracking.

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