Process Sensors New Infrared Brochure

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Franklin Lakes NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation has released its new Infrared Temperature Overview Brochure.

Titled “Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement for Industrial Process and Research Applications”, the twelve-page, full color brochure provides a brief overview of the many types of infrared sensing devices PSC offers, as well as explaining its corporate mission, touching on many industrial applications and reviewing principles of infrared theory and practices.

PSC Infrared Sales Manager, Scott Nagle, said, “Process Sensors Corporation stays current with industrial technology developments and is constantly introducing new IR sensing products.

“The Company has released over a dozen new products in the past year, and plans to unveil even more innovative new products this year. Our goal is always to anticipate the needs of industry and research professionals and provide them with the IR instruments that are necessary to compete in today and tomorrow’s demanding markets.”

The new Overview Brochure briefly describes PSC’s Portable and Process Thermal Imaging Cameras and Systems specifications and advantages, the Metis Series and other “self-contained” IR pyrometers, Portable Single Point Non-Contact Thermometers, Two-Wire Loop Powered Pyrometers, and PSC’s unique and unrivaled line of precision Blackbody Calibration Sources.

Industry applications associated with each instrument are noted, directing readers to the tools they require to simplify model selection.

In keeping with its reputation for offering quality performance, outstanding value and long term reliability to industry professionals, as well as superior customer service, Process Sensors Corporation continues to look toward the future and add innovative and relevant new instruments to its product lines.

Process Sensors new Infrared Temperature Overview Brochure is available on our Infrared Temperatures Division’s website at

Process Sensors Corporation, founded in 1996, is a private company with a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters located in Milford MA, USA. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact temperature sensing and moisture measurement instruments, and the associated calibration systems. Technical and application support is provided globally through direct, regional and sales representative offices.

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