SecurityProbe Monitors and Protects Businesses Against Security & Environmental Threats

Ravica’s SecurityProbe technology with humidity and temperature sensors helps businesses monitor conditions to prevent or resolve threats ranging from security concerns to unsafe

Sanford ME, USA — (EMAILWIRE.COM/ — Businesses have a lot of security concerns. From employee safety to monitoring power flow and consumption, there is often a lot of data to collect and no easy way to integrate all of it. In steps the SecurityProbe system from Ravica.

The security probe enables businesses to integrate four camera feeds with multiple sensors such as humidity and temperature sensors, power monitors, and smoke detection sensors. The system then makes all collected data available through a Web-based interface for sensor configuration and data graphing in one central location.

???The SecurityProbe is highly configurable,??? says Ravica???s Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Jon Mills.

???Users can connect up to eight different sensors to a single basic system. We even include a single chip sensor that combines humidity and temperature sensors into one. The combined sensor enables users to extend their SecurityProbe capability to 16 sensing parameters to monitor temperature and humidity levels, rather than the typical eight.”

The SecurityProbe operates on a full Linux system with 128 Megabytes of Flash and 64 Megabytes of SDRAM. The many included applications, RRD Tool for graphing and data logging, and platform-independent Web interface combine to create a robust, yet easy-to-use, security monitoring solution.

“When sensors report a problem, the system can send images taken from the attached cameras to staff,” says Mills. “It alerts them to pre and post-event conditions, beyond the regular data gathered by the sensors themselves.”

In addition to the basic SecurityProbe system, Ravica offers the SecurityProbe-x20 offering 20 extra dry contact inputs and the SecurityProbe-x60 featuring 60 additional dry contact inputs, expanding the functionality to allow for 28 dry contact sensors and 68 dry contact sensors respectively.

Supplementing the SecurityProbe, Ravica offers other SensorProbe models and a full line of intelligent sensors.

Available sensors range from airflow, water, humidity, and temperature sensors to monitor environmental conditions to security, smoke, and motion detectors.

About Ravica

Ravica offers cost-efficient and functional environmental monitoring appliances such as intelligent sensors, as well as the BitSight and SecurityProbe SensorProbes. The company, based in Maine, offers installed customer applications to monitor server / telecommunication rooms, cold storage warehouses, medical and research centers, air conditioning units, and more.

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