Sensitech Announces ???Green Solutions??? Recycling Program

greensolnsBEVERLY MA, USA ??? In celebration of Earth Day 2009, Sensitech Inc. introduces a ???Green Solutions??? Recycling Program to promote the return of all time/temperature data collection instruments for recycling.

For many years Sensitech has worked with environmentally-conscious customers to develop recycling programs on an ad-hoc basis.

Earth Day 2009 marks the beginning of a more formalized program. The company is encouraging food and life sciences customers to return all formats of digital and analog time/temperature data recorders for proper recycling.

The process is easy: simply collect the devices and send them back to Sensitech ??? weekly, monthly or quarterly. Products accepted include: TempTale time/temperature monitors, Ryan?? strip-chart recorders, TagAlert?? and FreezeAlert??? indicators.

To encourage participation at receiving locations, Sensitech will provide display posters to those requesting them. The ???Green Solutions??? recycling program is free for customers except for the cost of returning the instruments to the company.

???We encourage the return for recycling of single-use / multi-use disposable monitors and indicators so they do not end up in landfills forever,??? said Scott Hubley, director of operations, Sensitech Inc.

???We feel strongly that industry leaders must work together with their customers in order to make a significant impact on environmental preservation. Sensitech???s ???Green Solutions??? Recycling Program reflects our commitment.???

Earth Day is dedicated to the environmental health of our planet. Sensitech is committed to environmental stewardship. Assisting customers in effectively managing the disposition of used temperature recorders, monitors and indicators is a responsible way to keep our environment green for years to come.

To participate in Sensitech???s ???Green Solutions??? Recycling Program or for more information, please contact clientservices [at] or call 1-800-843-8367 (toll-free in the USA).

Sensitech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrier Corp., a business unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

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