Food & Ambient Temp & Humidity Monitor

Simple, Accurate, Secure with testo Saveris???


In the food industry, products and processes areas should always be monitored to ensure a consistent quality level is maintained. Hygiene requirements, particularly HACCP regulations, require uninterrupted monitoring of both ambient conditions and product temperatures.

testo Saveris??? provides the needed support here, offering easy installation and commissioning, plus fully automatic data recording and alarms. It offers peace of mind for the food industry.

Documentation and alarms: During production and quality assurance tasks in the food industry, temperatures and humidity values must be accurately determined
in key areas:

* Production and process areas
* Warehousing and storage
* Walk-in freezers and coolers
* Refrigerators, chillers, ice machines…

When limit values are exceeded, an alarm should be issued. Additionally, data should be safely stored in a central location for evaluation and HACCP reporting.

Uninterrupted cold chain monitoring: especially sensitive products and processes must be kept at constant temperature and humidity levels.

testo Saveris??? ensures you need not worry about these parameters in production, or about the uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain. testo Saveris??? offers a reliable complete package for temperature and humidity measurement, data recording, and documentation.

Compliance with both HACCP and EN 12830 is assured.


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