Thermal Imaging Camera for Demanding R&D Applications

Plus…FLIR Systems is now making a unique offer

fliratspr77-imageMeer, Belgium — The FLIR SC660’s high-definition 640??480 infrared detector delivers exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and image quality. It is designed for the most demanding R&D applications.

Leveraging proprietary Dynamic Detail Enhancement (DDE) technology, the SC660 is able to provide thermal image sharpness unmatched by any other thermal imaging camera in its class.

The FLIR SC660 thermal imaging camera delivers a combination of infrared and visible spectral images of superior quality and temperature measurement accuracy.

Including a host of advanced features as standard, the portable SC660 is ideal for all types of engineering, laboratory or field applications that may benefit from thermal analysis.

The SC660 also includes an integrated 3.2 megapixel digital video camera to aid in data presentation.
Visible spectrum images generated by the built-in high resolution digital camera can be fused with the IR-images creating a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) view in real time.

The PiP function has full flexibility allowing users to adjust the PiP area size and position. Infrared and visual images can be stored in standard jpeg formats.

A 5.6-inch widescreen LCD allows easy on-camera viewing of images. Using a FireWire interface the SC660 can transfer 14-bit radiometric data directly onto high capacity SD-cards or a PC for real-time analysis of captured images.

The user can save a full 60 seconds of digital voice and embed it with each IR image allowing a full description of the target and measurement conditions to be recorded.

In addition, data from the in-built GPS system can be used to exactly denote the camera’s location at the time of making a reading.

Drawing upon its long experience in thermal imaging, FLIR has included in the SC660 an abundance of features that enhance its ease of use, productivity and safety of operation.

For instance, using FLIR proprietary Contrast Optimiser technology the SC660 is able to automatically adjust and optimise brightness and contrast to make it easier to make thermal analyzes of detailed objects.

The SC660’s ergonomic magnesium housing is designed for rugged portability and meets the IP54 standard, thereby protecting internal parts from shock, vibration, dust and water splash.

The SC660 can run up to 3 hours on a single fully charged battery.

Included with the SC660 is Research IR software thermal measurement, recording, and analysis software.

Designed for research and development and advanced scientific applications, ResearchIR software provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use acquisition, diagnostics, and data sharing tools.

In addition, the software includes customisable, savable workspaces that allow users to simply arrange how images, data, charts, and plots are displayed.

For further information on the SC660 and the SC660 Promotion visit or contact FLIR Systems at / +32-3665-5100.

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PS — Some additional features of the SC660:








Laser locatorLaser Pointer
Helps you associate the hot or cold spot in the IR image with the real physical target in the field. 
interchange lens.pngFlexible interfaces
Easy access to composite video connection, USB, FireWire, IrDA, and a direct connection to charge the battery inside the camera. 
thermal fusionFLIR Thermal Fusion
Merges visual and thermal images to offer better analysis. 
Create an infrared overlay on your visual image. Moveable and resizable. 
radiometric JPEGRadiometric JPEG
FLIR uses a non proprietary radiometric JPEG image format that allows for post processing and report writing with Microsoft Word?? based FLIR software.
Thumbnail galleryThumbnail image gallery
An easy-to-access thumbnail image gallery helps you to quickly review and find your infrared images.
Text/Voice AnnotationsText and voice annotations
Text comments can be uploaded to the camera through a wireless IrDA interface. A headset can be connected to make voice annotations. 
FocusAutomatic- and Manual focus, Digital zoom
Focus possibilities include; single shot auto focus, continuous auto focus, laser based (660-models) or manual focus. Digital zoom 1-8x continous.??
LCD ScreenLarge LCD screen
Super size 5.6??? foldable high-quality LCD screen allows you to see the smallest details and temperature differences.??
multi-angle handleMulti-angle handle with integrated direct access buttons
A turnable control grip allows you to use the camera in the most comfortable position. The buttons and joystick to control the camera are integrated in this handle and always stay right underneath your fingertips. 
direct accessProgrammable direct access buttons
For increased flexibility the operator can program buttons located on the top of the camera for direct access to favourite functions.

Connect to iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi to use the FLIRViewer App for processing and sharing results

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