Workswell Thermal Vision Pro & Light

Workswell Thermal Vision is an unique infrared solution for drones.

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Advantages of the Workswell Thermal Vision Light

You can:

  • use it in a day or night, even in complete darkness
  • see through the fog, thick smoke and partly through the vegetation


  • all the data are sent wirelessly to the operator???s controller (real-time)
  • the system offers variety of modes, alarms, palettes and measurements tools

Advantages of the Workswell Thermal Vision Pro over the Light

You an additionally record radiometric data (video and images) and save wirelessly via operator???s controller

Additional features

  • easy wireless control by using the buttons on operator???s controller
  • one touch system for saving all images at the same time
  • data are compatible with software FLIR Tools for temperature analysis and PDF. Pictures taken with Workswell Thermal Vision Pro are fully radiometric and compatible with the FLIR format (radiometric jpg). This provides a big advantage, because the images can be evaluated in the FLIR Tools program in the same way as if they were taken by one of the FLIR thermal imagers.

Workswell s.r.o. is a technological, development and sales company operating internationally with the registered headquarters in Prague and branches in Roznov pod Radhostem and Zilina. Key objectives of the company are the development of new trends in non-contact temperature measurement using thermal cameras and industrial pyrometers, supplying industrial fields including the building industry, food industry, chemical industry, security technologies along with integration into industrial processes as an element of input-output control.

Workswell s.r.o. manufacturers its own products, supports other partners worldwide and represents several global leaders of thermal cameras and industrial pyrometers, participates in the production and design of new products and cooperates during the development of tailor-made software solutions. Workswell is a member of the Association of Czech Diagnosticians and is an approved ???Technician diagnostician of thermography??? training centre in the Czech Republic and a regional FLIR Infrared Training Centre.

Workswell s.r.o.
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Marek Rohacek
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Adam Svestka, MSc., MBA
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Company assistant
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