Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit for Pest Control

Wireless Temperature Data Loggers Document Best Practices

thermal_verificationCHESTERLAND OH, USA — As pest control season rapidly approaches, exterminators and pest control companies are getting ready to face the dilemma of monitoring and documenting temperatures during the extermination process.

With CAS Dataloggers’ new Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit you can now provide your customers with data and graphs proving that the temperature was maintained above the critical point for a sufficient time to ensure complete eradication.

Our kit enables multi-point remote monitoring, wireless communication ranging out to 500 feet, probes and documentation software???all for under $2000.

Effective temperature monitoring requires real time recording devices.

Suitable for Thermal Sterilization work up to 175 ??F, including bed bug extermination, the kit includes 6 Wireless Ambient Temperature Data Loggers and units with a 10??? probe to monitor the temperature in narrow spaces between mattresses, inside walls and cabinets, or under carpets.

Three of the data loggers are equipped with internal temperature sensors with a measuring range of -40 ??F to 176 ??F (-40 ??C to 80 ??C), and three feature external sensors measuring from -76 ??F to 311 ??F (-60 ??C to 155 ??C).

Each data logger???s large 16,000 point memory stores data for quality control and proof to customers. A portable carrying case is provided for easy transport and setup.

The RTR-501 and RTR-502 Wireless Data Loggers along with the Handheld RTR-500DC Data Collector allow the user to remotely monitor and record temperature data from a 500-ft range and in real time. The optional USB RTR-500 Wireless Base Station interfaces with PCs for remote monitoring.

If needed, it???s easy to expand the number of monitoring points by adding more data loggers, up to 80 maximum.

After recording is finished, all the temperature data can be downloaded, graphed and printed with the included Windows software to provide a hard copy report. You can also set alarms on the room???s temperature if it exceeds a preset minimum or maximum value.

The software uses an intuitive Windows Explorer-style interface that???s easy for new users to navigate.

Our new thermal sterilization verification kit is a cost-effective way to record, store and document temperature levels and prove your business???s best practices.

Complete with everything exterminators need for remote monitoring, this wireless solution is available now from CAS DataLoggers.

If you need to monitor other values such as humidity, speak with one of our Applications Engineers at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best logger for your project.

For more information on our new Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit, for more wireless products which monitor nearly any value, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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