Thermodo’s iPhone & Android Companion Apps

Thermodo was only for iOS… until today!

Companion_thermodo_AppCopenhagen, Denmark — Robocat has launched and already fixed bugs in its Thermodo Companion App on the iTunes store and has launched version 1.0 of the Companion app for Android today.

They support iOS 7 and a limited amount of Android devices initially and they are: Samsung S2, Nexus Galaxy & Nexus 5 (on the Nexus 5 you need to plug it in before you open the app).

You can download the iPhone Companion App from the iTunes Store here, and

You can download the Android Companion App from the Google Play Store here.

Those are the Android devices that have passed ALL of their tests and that they know work for sure. This doesn’t mean that all other devices doesn’t work, but it is very much untested and potentially unreliable.


The Android?? Companion App currently supports Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. This is a work in progress and it’s only going to improve.

Robocat have a lot of ideas on the table and they’re going to keep on working at it. Heck, they’ll rebuild the entire library they’re using if that is what it takes.

They’ll open up a Google+ community where they can distribute betas to interested backers in the new year.

They would have liked nothing more than to just have this working on all of the top Android devices at launch. Unfortunately they’ve had to come to the conclusion that getting it to work on the many different Android devices was a much bigger challenge than initially thought and for that, they have apologized.

They have an Android app out now and they feel like that is a beginning. They will continue to improve it and build out support for more devices in the coming weeks.

Companion iOS app issues

Here’s a few currently known issues:

There’s a bug in the companion app where Fahrenheit decimals aren’t displayed. This is fixed in the upcoming update.

For some, the companion app fails to re-initialize Thermodo after quitting the app (or taking a phone call) and needs to be killed and restarted before working again. They hope this is fixed in the upcoming version

Don’t have headphones plugged in when you open up the app, as it’ll send a loud Thermodo detection signal through. Robocat are working on a new smarter scheme that can intelligently detect if it’s a headphone or a Thermodo (much harder than it sounds)

A new update was submitted to Apple today fixing the first two issues.

Thermodo is a?? tiny electrical thermometer for your mobile device that lets you measure the temperature right where you are.

Robocat is a Danish software studio. They dream up and build unique apps for iOS. They developed Thermodo using funds generated by a Kickstarter request.

(Ed Note:, Inc., developer of this website, is a contributor to the Kickstarter Thermodo development fund.)