ThermoSense XXXV – Program & New Vendor Presentations Monday

29 April – 3 May 2013 | Baltimore Convention Center

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Bellingham WA, USA — ThermoSense XXXV is part of the SPIE”S SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Conference– Attend 2013’s most important scientific conferences on optics, thermal imaging, and sensing for defense, security, industry, and the environment.

ThermoSense XXXV promotes the worldwide exchange of information about the uses or applications of thermal infrared sensing, imaging and measuring instruments through papers, workshops and short-courses. It also organizes and conducts the Pre-Expo Vendor Presentation and Reception, this year on Monday afternoon, for the early arrivals at the meeting.

ThermoSense Conference Chairs:

Gregory R. Stockton, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (United States); Fred P. Colbert, Colbert Infrared Services (United States)

Program Committee

Andrea Acosta, Colbert Infrared Services (United States); Nicolas Avdelidis, National Technical Univ of Athens (Greece); Jeff R. Brown, Hope College (United States); Douglas Burleigh, La Jolla Cove Consulting (United States); K. Elliott Cramer, NASA Langley Research Ctr. (United States); Ralph B. Dinwiddie, Oak Ridge National Lab. (United States); Sheng-Jen Hsieh, Texas A&M Univ. (United States); Herbert Kaplan, Honeyhill Technical Co. (United States); Timo T. Kauppinen, VTT Technical Research Ctr. of Finland (Finland); Dennis H. LeMieux, Siemens Power Generation, Inc. (United States); Monica Lopez Saenz, IRCAM GmbH (Germany); Xavier P. V. Maldague, Univ. Laval (Canada); Gary L. Orlove, FLIR Systems, Inc. (United States); G. Raymond Peacock,, Inc. (United States); Piotr Pregowski, Pregowski Infrared Services (Poland); Ralph A. Rotolante, Vicon Entreprises Inc (United States); Andres E. Rozlosnik, SI Termograf??a Infrarroja (Argentina); Morteza Safai, The Boeing Co. (United States); Takahide Sakagami, Kobe Univ. (Japan); Steven M. Shepard, Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. (United States); Sami Siikanen, VTT Technical Research Ctr. of Finland (Finland); Vladimir P. Vavilov, Tomsk Polytechnic Univ. (Russian Federation); Xiong Yu, Case Western Reserve Univ. (United States); Joseph N. Zalameda, NASA Langley Research Ctr. (United States)

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In addition to the Technical program, be sure to make time Monday evening (early) for the highlight previews of the Exposition from the Vendors Night Program hosted by the ThermoSense Committee.

Infrared Applications: Thermosense XXXV: Vendor Presentations and Reception

Date: Monday 29 April
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:40 PM
Moderators: Andr??s E. Rozlosnik, Si Termografia Infrarroja (Argentina), and Herb Kaplan, Honeywell Technical Co. (USA)

The Infrared Applications: ThermoSense XXXV Vendors Session will be held on Monday afternoon, April 29, 2013 as part of SPIE Defense, Security+ Sensing Symposium in Baltimore. The session will feature brief presentations from hardware and software vendors whose product lines impact thermal imaging applications. Unlike the technical sessions, there are no “commercial content” restrictions in these presentations. This event allows vendors to showcase new products on display at this year???s exhibit, and provides attendees with an advance glimpse of “what???s new” in thermal imaging applications. All exhibitors are eligible to present.

The Vendors Session was started nine years ago and has been a popular, well-attended success. It allows the busy technical conference attendees to better prioritize their time when visiting the exhibits. It also provides a relaxed atmosphere for informal conversations between vendors and conference attendees.

This year ThermoSense XXXV Vendors Presentations is an afternoon affair. It?? has 17 presentation representing 10 countries. The session begins with 14-minute presentations and is followed by a reception and mixer with snacks and soft drinks.

Vendors in presentation order:

TELOPS Inc. (Booth 1112)
Advances in infrared imaging at TELOPS
Presenter: Vincent Farley, Business Development Manager

New Infrared Technologies, Ltd. (Booth 1959)
The new uncooled mid IR 80×80 FPA: systems over 2000fps
Presenter: Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Manager

Xenics (Booth 131)
New developments at Xenics
Presenter: Jan Vermieren, Technical Adviser & Business Development Manager

ULIS (Booth 1516)
ULIS uncooled IR detectors and new developments
Presenter: Ludovic Brasse, Sales Manager

SCD USA LLC (Booth 1617)
New products for 2013 from semiconductor devices
Presenter: Robert McDaniel, President and Chief Executive Officer

Media Lario Technologies (Booth 1725)
A cost efficient multispectral three-mirror anastigmat imaging system for high-performance surveillance applications using electro-formed free-form mirrors
Presenter: Guiseppe Borghi, BU Manager

Sensors Unlimited Inc. (SUI), part of UTC Aerospace Systems (Booth 1217)
High-speed 2048 pixel InGaAs linescan cameras for biomedical and machine vision SWIR imaging
Presenter: Doug Malchow, Manager Business Development for Industrial Products

IR Cameras (Booth 1209)
Large-format, high-frame rate, broad-band (2-11??m) SLS camera technology
Presenter: Mike Larson, Director, Business Development

Magnity Electronics Co. Ltd. (Booth 1238)
Low cost thermal imager using innovative microbolometer technology
Presenter: Chongfei Shen, Chief Executive Officer

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd. (Booth 1900)
Announcing the new MicroCAM II thermal imaging module
Presenter: Alistair Brown, Product Manager, Imaging

New Imaging Technologies (Booth 911)
Innovative WDIR ROIC for IR
Presenter: Jean-Louis Laurent, Sales Director

DRS Technologies Inc. (Booth 1609)
Tamarisk: Affordable and easy to integrate thermal imaging solutions
Presenter: Greg Christison, Senior Director, Commercial Products

CI Systems, Inc. (Booth 1805)
New SR-5000N Spectroradiometer by CI Systems
Presenter: ILya Koshkin, Technology and Business Development

JENOPTIK Optical Systems (Booth 1549)
New stationary radiometric camera with 1024×769 pixel microbolometer detector
Presenter: Heiko Richter, Head of International Sales. Infrared Camera Technology

IRCAM GmbH (Booth 1817)
New products and special applications from IRCAM cameras
Presenter: Monica Lopez, Manager Director

MOOG Inc. (Booth 2030)
Commander’s Gimball multisensor platform: HD thermal and beyond
Presenter: Jon Paine, Manager, Business Development

StingRay Optics, LLC (Booth 1754)
Standard Products: Lens Assemblies and Accessories
Presenter: Jennifer L. Myers, Sales and Marketing Manager


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