Long-Range Active RFID Tag Captures Temperatures

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. introduces this unique active UHF (Ultra High Frequency) long-range tag GAO137003.

The RFID tag has an expandable memory of 32,000 bytes for massive information storage, an LED for visual recognition and an internal sensor for temperature monitoring. It enables users to collect highly accurate real-time data.

long-rangeThis tag in conjunction with a GAO active RFID reader conveys data via progressive UHF radio frequency technology at a distance of up to 100 feet from a handheld device or up to 300 feet from a fixed interrogator.

UHF operating frequencies allow low-power and long-range communication for efficient operation. Its outstanding anti-collision, multi-tag-handling algorithm provides clear communication to the reader from a large number of tags and is suitable for tracking of assets or people.

This series is compatible with GAO’s UHF RFID Interrogator PC Card model #227001, #227002, and UHF RFID Reader model # 217003.

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