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Automates Hospital Refrigeration Units’ Temperature Logging & Monitoring

AiRiSTA LogoSparks MD, USA – (PRWEB) -?? AiRISTA has announced the deployment readiness of its highly accurate Wireless Temperature Logging and Monitoring System at local medical center. Sy Sajjad, AiRISTA???s CEO states, ???Mature and highly accurate wireless sensor technologies are very well suited for replacing the current error-prone and time consuming manual logging and continuous monitoring of the conditions of medication and patient-food refrigeration units at hospitals. Others posed to benefit from these solutions include pharmacies, laboratories and clinics.

“AiRISTA???s system may quickly be installed and configured to capture the real-time and historical temperature and humidity data which then can be viewed from any computer with a browser. Safe temperature or humidity range deviation alerts are emailed or sent by text message to cell phones or pagers for corrective action and reporting purposes.???

Driven by the requirements for regulatory compliance and better quality of care, medical centers are adopting wireless temperature monitoring technologies for refrigerators, incubators, freezers and other equipment.

Standard features of AiRISTA system include:

  • Wi-Fi compatible AiRISTA tags with condition sensors can use standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure found in most hospitals for minimal deployment costs and expedited implementation process.
  • Tag variations support external power for continued operation or use rechargeable/replaceable batteries to provide up to several years of battery life. Motion sensing feature combined with low-battery notification/alert ease the maintenance task.
  • Frequency for sensing and reading of equipment conditions and status may be adjusted through Web-based user-friendly software to meet various application needs and requirements.
  • Detection and recording of abnormal (deviations from acceptable parameter ranges) conditions of an asset are the starting point. AiRISTA offers the users a flexible workflow automation and business rule engine to automate various manual processes, notification dispatch and escalation.
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting functions address various reporting needs for the management, administrative and care provider personnel.

“AiRISTA is pleased to have the opportunity to serve local medical centers and hospitals in our community. Starting out at a small scale, we plan to expand each deployment quickly and effectively to cover various departments and ultimately the enterprise.”

About AiRISTA:
AiRISTA develops and delivers a wide range of turn-key solutions incorporating RFID, RTLS, GPS and Wireless Sensor Technologies to the healthcare and other industries. Solutions are designed to enhance organizations??? operational efficiencies by providing real-time visibility into the location and conditions of their equipment and personnel resources. Workflow automation is enabled through Business Rule Engine Platform. www.airista.com.

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