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CHESTERLAND OH, USA — CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the temperature and humidity monitoring solution to an animal rescue facility dedicated to rescuing and giving a permanent home to an especially large species of tortoises, some weighing as much as 75-200 lbs! The project needed to monitor ambient temperature and humidity in 2 turtle burrows for breeding purposes, as constant exposure to a foreign climate was a risk to the animals??? health

. Continual monitoring was required to ensure that the burrows had sufficiently high humidity of 45%-50% RH and a temperature around 45 ??F-50 ??F in winter (7 ??C-10 ??C).

rtr-503_wireless_temperature_humidity_data_loggerThe project???s president installed a T&D RTR-503 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Data Logger to monitor both climate variables, as well as a T&D RTR-500AW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station which collected the data and used the RTR-503 as a Repeater to extend the wireless range.

Now CAS DataLoggers will be displaying this and similar wireless monitoring products designed for life science applications at the upcoming Pittcon Conference & Expo 2012, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science, from March 11th-15th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

First a 3-ft deep hole was drilled in one of the burrows, and a plastic pipe was inserted to place the temperature/humidity sensor within. The RTR-503 data logger was then placed on the surface to continually record the probes??? readings.

When the facility decided they needed to monitor a second burrow, they utilized an RTR-500AW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station so that the wireless range could be extended to reach both burrows by using the RTR-503 as a Repeater.

The base station???s wireless communication ranged out to 500 feet (150 meters), and users could collect their data remotely via USB, GSM technology, and LAN and handheld data collectors.

The T&D RTR-503 datalogger came housed in a water-resistant case and recorded measurements from an external sensor with a temperature measuring range of 32 ??F-131 ??F (0 ??C-55 ??C) and a humidity measuring range of 10% to 95% RH.

The data logger???s LCD display gave measurements in both Celcius and Fahrenheit, storing recordings on its 8,000 data set memory. The logger???s battery life of about 10 months ensured extended operation, and could also be upgraded to last about 4 years.

rtr-500aw_wireless_data_logger_network_base_stationThe T&D RTR-500AW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station helped extend the communication range which was necessary to effectively monitor the secod burrow, and could be set up to automatically download recorded data from an RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger via built-in wireless communication and then send that data via a network to an e-mail address, FTP folder or T&D???s own WebStorage server.

It also monitored for warnings and sent warning reports across a network to specified addresses. In this way, both of the burrows were continually monitored and made habitable during the winter for their resident turtles.

A perennial exhibitor since 2006, CAS DataLoggers will be present at the T&D booth #1166 displaying wireless datalogging solutions especially suited for life sciences applications including storing and handling tissue samples, temperature/humidity monitoring of vaccines and other extremely sensitive material, and monitoring lab/environmental airspace at Pittcon 2012.

These compact, high accuracy recorders monitor many different parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage/current and more, available in wireless, USB and Ethernet models.

This year???s Pittcon showcases the latest life science technologies and instrumentation from over 930 exhibitors and also features a diverse technical program with more than 2,000 technical presentations and nearly 100 short courses to enhance visitors??? learning experience.

Pittcon 2012 also provides visitors with a unique chance to join networking sessions and exchange innovative ideas with technicians and scientists from all around the world. T&D???s compact datalogging products provide cost-effective life sciences monitoring with built-in wireless communication capabilities for quick and hassle-free data downloads and accessibility.

There???s no need for any cables or traveling to gather the units to collect the data, and the loggers also offer reliable alarm monitoring via email or SMS messaging. Users can also choose from several models of T&D???S handheld data collectors for convenient data retrieval.

CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist David Kempski will be staffing T&D Booth #1166 to display a wide range of life science solutions,

He says, ???Our wireless loggers offer customers simple yet cost-effective solutions, so make sure you visit us at Pittcon this year to check out our newest products and find the best device for your specific project.???

For more information on the T&D RTR-500AW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station, the RTR-503 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Data Logger, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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