These science teachers are sick of the faux climate debate

A Grist/Beacon article by Zoya Feirste1n Online —  Policymakers should have acted swiftly to mitigate the effects of rising greenhouse gas emissions decades ago, when climate science was first making the rounds. Alas, the American political establishment gets a D

ULIS PICO1024 Gen2 microbolometer for TIR space mission

Instrumentation yields robust results! Online — In a recent study the ULIS PICO 1024 Gen2 Microbolometer was evaluated for environmental factors relative to TIR space missions and the development of instrumentation for various Earth monitoring applications. This study was conducted

This Republican has grown a spine when it comes to climate change

From a GRIST Beacon Article by Kate Yoder Online  —  Democrats keep complaining about “spineless” Republicans in Congress. They probably haven’t met Brian Fitzpatrick, a representative from Pennsylvania. He’s a big fan of bipartisan climate action — which he says

Meteorological Technology World Expo to host CIMO TECO

“Towards fit-for-purpose environmental measurements” CIMO TECO-2018 is for experts in instruments and methods of observation from national meteorological and hydrological services, research institutes and the private sector, thus enabling exchange of experience and achievements in operational measurement practices, as well

Yale Climate Opinion Maps 3.0

Online — Announcing the latest release of our interactive mapping tool – the Yale Climate Opinion Maps (YCOM). Many have used YCOM to explore Americans’ climate change beliefs, risk perceptions and policy support at state and local levels. YCOM reveals

NASA team demonstrates greenhouse gas-measuring instrument

‘Science on a Shoestring’ Online — A novel instrument that has already proven its mettle on field campaigns will attempt to measure atmospheric greenhouse gases from an occultation-viewing, low-Earth-orbiting CubeSat mission called Mini-Carb early next year—marking the first time this

2018 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference

Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center Online  —  The Ambient Air Monitoring Group (AAMG), in cooperation with the National Association for Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) and the Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) will host The National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference,