hilmor Dual Readout Thermometer

Dual Readout Thermometer

Longmeadow MA, USA –?? At last! A digital thermometer for HVAC/R that can help simplify the calculation of both superheat and subcool. It takes only seconds.

The hilmor Dual Readout Thermometer is the first of its kind. Gone are the days where measuring system temperatures takes multiple tools and multiple trips to the truck. It’s time to retool and conquer.

Makes Calculations Easier

The industry???s only manifold-compatible compact thermometer with two readings to help simplify the calculation of superheat and subcool.

Superior Versatility

Use it on any gauge set, or remove it and use it independently.

Reads Temperatures Quickly

Two easy-to-use, K-style tube clamp thermocouples get you to the temperature reading quickly.

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At hilmor, they???re revolutionizing the HVAC/R world by creating tools that are a step ahead. Every tool they make is designed to give you all the features you need and none of the ones you don???t. They???re determined to deliver smart, innovative solutions when and where you need them most.

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