BAPI Bl??-Test: Bluetooth Temp & Humidity Probe


Bl??-Test - Bluetooth Temp & Humidity Probe

Gays Mills WI, USA –?? The Bl??-Test is a handheld temperature & humidity measurement probe that interfaces via wireless Bluetooth to the user???s enabled Smart Phone or Tablet.

A provided application is loaded on the smart phone or tablet and logs the data with a time stamp and entered device location.

The wireless communication makes it easy to take readings from difficult locations or atop a ladder. The 8??? probe has a fast measurement time of 10 seconds. Each probe comes with a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certificate of calibration.

This unit is as simple to use as starting up your smart phone or tablet application. Turn on the probe and sync up the Bluetooth communication with the display device. Then start to measure and log the temperature and/or humidity.

  • Handheld Probe with Bluetooth Wireless Interface
  • Measures Both Temperature and Humidity
  • Communicates with Smart Phone or Tablet*
  • BAPI Bl?? App for Android OS with Simple Touch Screen Menus
  • Data Logs with Time Stamp and Location
  • Ability to Email Data Logs
  • 1 Year Replaceable Battery

All BAPI products are designed, engineered and manufactured at their rural Wisconsin USA facility by people who take pride in the quality of their work.

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