Compact RH & Temp Transmitter for HVAC & Building Technology

RH/T probe only 6 mm diameter!

EE150 humidity & temperature transmitter
EE150 Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Franklin MA, USA?? –?? The new EE150 duct mount transmitter has been optimized specifically for use in the HVAC and building technology sector and is characterized by a compact and installation-friendly design.

Thanks to the external mounting holes it is not necessary to open the IP65 / NEMA??4 enclosure for mounting.

This means that the electronics are protected against construction site pollution. For duct mounting the RH/T probe of just 6 mm in diameter does not require a hole any larger than a standard T probe.

The mounting flange further simplifies installation of the transmitter.

The benefits are shorter mounting times and thus minimized installation costs.

The clever housing concept, the compact design and the 6 mm dianeter probe simplify mounting of the transmitter, which results in minimized installation costs.

The IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure provides optimal protection of the electronics and the capacitive E+E humidity sensor element guarantees long-term stable measurement results.

Key features

  • Voltage or current analogue outputs
  • Optional passive T-output
  • IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure
  • 6 mm diameter stainless steel probe
  • Teflon protection cap
  • Resistant to pollution
  • Easy mounting
  • User configurable and scalable
  • Free configuration software

Typical applications

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Building management

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E+E Elektronik produces humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, flow sensors, transmitters, hand-held meters and dataloggers for the measurement of relative humidity, moisture in oil, dewpoint,
air velocity, flow, CO2 and temperature. E+E also operates a nationally accredited calibration lab and is appointed to maintain the “National Standard for Humidity and Air Flow Speed in Austria”.

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