Dew Point Sensor for HVAC

Dew Point and Dry Bulb Temp in 1 Unit ?? 1 ??C Dew Point Temperature Accuracy for Normal Range

Gays Mills?? WI, USA –?? BAPI???s Dew Point Sensor is an easy and economical way to measure the dew point temperature. The unit is available with an optional LCD display, temperature setpoint slider and an occupant override pushbutton.

The large format display allows you to easily read Dew Point Temperature and Dry Bulb Temperature. The display alternates between these values and is field adjustable between ??F or ??C. One or both of the displayed values may be easily turned on or off by an HVAC technician.

The green revolution is increasing the use of chilled beams and chilled ceilings in commercial buildings. Chilled water is pumped through hollow beams or special hollow ceiling tiles.

Radiation cools the space eliminating air handlers, VAV boxes, fan-coil units and the energy to run them.

Dew Point Sensor in BAPI-Stat 2 Enclosure

??? Accurate Dew Point and Dry Bulb Temperature in One Unit
??? ?? 1.8??F (1??C) Dew Point Accuracy for the Normal Occupied Range
??? Multiple Analog Outputs 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc
??? No Installation Calibration or Recalibration Required
??? Optional Passive Temperature Sensing Elements

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BAPI manufactures sensors and solutions for HVAC/R, and they bring to the table many years of combined experience in all aspects of the industry from product development and engineering to manufacturing and sales.

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  2. Hmm. The “?” symbol in my post started out as the “degrees F” symbol.

  3. I’ve got a GE/Telaire 9002 Vaporstat. I’m mostly happy with it, especially it’s configurability. I also need the simple open/close switch at a given dew point threshold. However, the 9002 only allows setting the threshold on 5 degrees F intervals (55, 60, 65, 70, etc.). That would be OK, except that it enforces a minimum hysteresis (dead band) of 5 degrees. Which means that if the dew point crosses the threshold (say, 65 degrees) and the relay goes on, then the dew point has to drop *below* 60 degrees before the relay will turn off – even if it sits at a measured 63 degrees dew point for an entire day.

    The manual says that the factory-set hysteresis is 2 degrees, but I can’t set it to that.

    All dew point sensors will require at least 4 wires – two for power and two for the relay contacts.

  4. I am looking for dew point controller with 2 wires which can open and close the water valve, thus prevent condensation. I just need a sensor with 25 to 50 feet of pipe which can be connected to 24V zone valve.

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