New Temp Sensor Series for HVAC & Building Technology

Optional sensor types like Pt1000, NTC10k or Ni1000

EE471Franklin MA, USA?? –?? The new passive temperature sensors from E+E Elektronik are suitable for a variety of applications in building automation, process monitoring and climate control.

The compact, innovative enclosure with protection class IP65/NEMA 4 facilitates easy and fast installation of the sensors.

The new temperature sensors line matches the design of the successful E+E humidity, CO2 and air velocity sensors.

The result is a comprehensive HVAC sensor choice, in uniform look, from a single manufacturer.

The EE471, for example, is available with various cable lengths between the sensing probe and housing. It can be used for measurement in air and liquids.

EE471 sensors are used for temperature measurement in applications where a separate housing with remote probe is required for installation.

Various types of sensing elements such as Pt1000, NTC10kor Ni1000 are available. Due to an innovative production and housing concept a high protection class IP65 can be provided.

All product-specific information for the remote probe is printed all along the cable.

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E+E Elektronik produces humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, flow sensors, transmitters, hand-held meters and dataloggers for the measurement of relative humidity, moisture in oil, dewpoint,
air velocity, flow, CO2 and temperature. E+E also operates a nationally accredited calibration lab and is appointed to maintain the “National Standard for Humidity and Air Flow Speed in Austria”.

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