New Wireless External Temp Sensors from Paragon Robotics

CAS DataLoggers Offers All-New Paragon Products

Wireless Temperature Sensor
Paragon Robotics Wireless Temperature Sensor

CHESTERLAND OH, USA — CAS DataLoggers has teamed with Paragon Robotics to announce an all-new range of Wireless External Temperature Sensors.

These new sensors are ideal temperature monitoring systems in medical storage units.

Also, they are for verifying HVAC performance in buildings, in server rooms, and for protecting products in warehouses and other environments.

Using a wireless gateway, users can also enable remote email or text (SMS) alarms with Paragon’s convenient HaloCloud service.

Ideal for Use in:

  • Food Storage and Cold Chain Facilities
  • Medical Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Industrial Process monitoring and verification with Thermistors
  • Ovens and Furnaces
  • Warehouses
  • HVAC Systems
  • Buildings and Facilities management
  • Environmental Data Collection and Studies
  • Automotive industry

Choose Your Preferred Sensor Type:

The multichannel Paragon Robotics SC31 Premium Wireless Thermistor Sensor accepts inputs and provides signal conditioning for external Thermistors. The unit can handle up to 2 inputs and has fully- upgradeable firmware.

Any thermistor probe from 3 kohms to 100 kohms is usable with the SC31, and is calibrated completely during the software setup.

The Paragon Robotics SC32 Premium Wireless Thermocouple Sensor accepts any type of thermocouple probe. The unit can handle a single input and has fully-upgradeable firmware.

Individual signal conditioning and configurations are provided to accept all types of thermocouple probes (including J, K, T, and all others) with a standard 2-pin flat “miniature” connector.

The Paragon Robotics SC33 Premium Wireless RTD Sensor accepts one external RTD probe and provides built-in signal conditioning. The unit can handle a single input 3-wire Pt100 (100 ohm) probe and has fully-upgradeable firmware.

Paragon Wireless Gateways and Super-Gateways:

The new sensors connect to a Paragon Wireless Gateway which transmits orders and receives info from your data loggers. For flexible communications, users can also opt for Paragon’s new Super-Gateways featuring Modbus, WiFi and Cellular communication.

Their unprecedented battery life of 7-10 years makes it easy for users to record without ever changing a battery!

A single super-gateway covers 30,000 sq. ft. with its extended-range RF transceiver, giving it a 1.3-Mile line-of-sight capability.

Each Gateway has 3GB of onboard memory storing 120 billion data points. Hundreds of sensors can be accommodated per single Super-Gateway, and each has a fast 100Mbps Ethernet port for connection to local network router, PC or server.

The gateways also offer best-in-class wireless and data security with frequency hopping and AES-256 encryption.

The new Super Gateways include free software for setup, datalogging and modeling.

The software enables users to access devices through the cloud for configuration, management and analysis purposes. Users can calibrate, log, chart, and manage everything all from a single interface!

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