OMEGA Introduces Wireless Humidity & Temp Monitor & Alarm System


OM-CP-THERMALERT-RH_mStamford CT USA — Omega???s new series of wireless humidity and temperature monitoring and alarming systems features real time notification of humidity and temperature deviations and features a user programmable alarm that can be configured to send a message via text, screen alarm/or email if an alarm condition occurs.

The OM-CP-THERMALERT-RH is equipped with wireless two-way communication, precision sensing element and a long-lasting battery. This CE compliant product is ideally designed specifically for laboratories, warehouses and other environments where humidity monitoring is critical. The system can be used to monitor a single temperature location or expanded to include hundreds of locations by adding additional transmitters.

Full communication can be performed directly from a central PC, including starting, stopping and downloading. In addition to wirelessly transmitting data, OM-CP-THERMALERT-RH also stores each reading to internal memory for backup.

Ideal for Pharmaceutical, R& D and lab to monitor temperature and humidity.

Price Starts at $269

Summary Specifications:

Sensor: Semiconductor
Range: -20 to 80 ??C (-4 to 176 ??F)
Resolution: 0.01 ??C (0.18 ??F)
Calibrated Accuracy: ??0.5 ??C (0.9 ??F) 0 to 150 ??C (32 to 122 ??F)

Sensor: Semiconductor
Range: 0 to 95% RH
Resolution: 0.1% RH
Calibrated Accuracy: ??3.0% RH [??2% RH typical at 25 ??C (77 ??F)]

RF Frequency: 2.45 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 ultra-low power wireless transceiver
with fully bi-directional communication
Band: ISM band 2.405-2.48 GHz
Output Power: +0dBm typical
Transmitter Range (to Receiver or Repeater):
Outdoor Line-of-Sight 122 m (400′)
Indoor: 46 m (150′)

More details and Ordering information online at:

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