System Evacuation / Vacuum Training for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

A proper installation and evacuation of and air conditioning system begins with a quality installation and good piping practices.

A quick and deep evacuation of an air conditioner or refrigeration system simply comes down to correct practices including proper installation and assembly, keeping out the moisture during fabrication.

Of course the right tools hoses and gauges to measure the level of degassing and dehydration. When moisture (liquid) enters a system or condenses the only way it can be removed is in a vapor.

When it comes to system evacuation only small amounts of moisture are practical to remove this way.

“It is not practical to remove large amounts of water with a vacuum pump as boiling water produces large amounts of water vapor. One pound of water (about 1 pint) produces about 867 ft3 of water vapor at 70 ??F.” (1) Therefore in the words of David Boyd at Appion, “Keep it clean dry and tight.”

To view the video and see the rest of this informative training session visit: TruTech’s Vacuum Checke webpage at .


(1) Refrigeration Air Conditioning Technology 5th Edition Copyright 2005

(2) Review of Vacuum for Service Engineers 1988

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