Wireless Sensors For Building Automation Systems

Evrisko Systems Launches Retriever??? Wireless Sensors at the Midwest Facilities Expo in Minneapolis with a Buy-2-Get-1-Free Special


Eau Claire WS, USA — ?? (PRWEB)?? — At the Midwest Facilities Expo in Minneapolis MN, USA, building managers get a new best friend. The Evrisko Retriever??? line of Wi-Fi enabled sensors for building automation systems are now available for sale.

The Evrisko Retriever??? line makes building automation systems more efficient by allowing building managers to place wireless sensors precisely where they are needed.

In other words, temperature can now be measured precisely where the occupant sits, not at some location hard-wired against the wall. In many offices, that difference can be several degrees off.

???Thermostat adjustment is one of the most common calls a building manager gets,??? comments Evrisko President John Greene.

???The Evrisko Retriever??? gives that manager the ability to reposition the sensor to the optimum location to feed useful data into the HVAC system. And that manager can monitor every installed sensor over the network.???

It is better data, Green says, that leads to greater occupant comfort and fewer technician calls. What???s more, because the building automation system is more accurate, it is more efficient, which saves money.

Evrisko Retriever??? sensors are available for sale at www.evriskosys.com.

Evrisko Retriever??? Background and Technical Information

Evrisko Retriever??? is a line of Low-Cost Open Protocol Wi-Fi Sensors. It dramatically reduces the overall expense associated with installation, reconfiguration, maintenance, and operations of intelligent building automation systems (BAS).

Evrisko Retreiver??? provides a rapid return on investment by reducing typical Intelligent Building Automation Control Systems (IBAS) installation cost by up to 60%, and as much as 90% in retrofit instances.

The product line employs Wireless Local Area Network infrastructure (WLAN) open protocol standards allowing seamless communications between an enterprise???s efficiency application, multiple vendors??? HVAC equipment, sensors, and controllers.

Technical Features:

* Low-Power, Battery Operated (able to run up to 5 years before changing the battery)
* Plug-n-Play (extremely easy to deploy and configure)
* Highly Scalable (with minimal impact on WLANs),
* Flexible (exceptionally adaptable to location changes due to enterprise or building demands).

Increasing building efficiency benefits the nation by diminishing dependency on energy imports; the enterprise by decreasing operating cost; the environment by reducing the carbon footprint; and the individual by enhancing comfort.

Evrisko Retriever??? wireless sensors are available today in the following configurations:

TMP: Temperature sensor
RH: Relative Humidity sensor
RHT: Combined Temperature & Relative Humidity sensor

About Evrisko Systems
Founded in 2008, Evrisko Systems, LLC is a Wisconsin-based company dedicated to improving Building Automation Systems (BAS) by developing and manufacturing the next generation of open-platform, low-power, Wi-Fi-based wireless sensors, wireless controllers, and user interface software. In June 2009, the company has earned the state of Wisconsin???s Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) certification.

More information is available at www.evriskosys.com