Phase IV Engineering Recognized

Wireless Sensing Leader Joins CSIA’s Top Tier


BOULDER CO, USA – Phase IV Engineering, Inc.has announced it has been chosen by CSIA as one of the most innovative technology companies in Colorado and will showcase its cutting edge innovations during the Colorado Technology Association???s (CSIA) DEMOgala on October 8, 2009, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Phase IV Engineering is one of only 20 Colorado companies nominated.

Phase IV Engineering developed a sophisticated Passive RFID Sensing ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) called the ???SensIC???.

During the DEMOgala Showcase it will demonstrate SensIC‘s adapted use in a number of applications ranging from aerospace, agriculture and food processing.

This tiny chip offers battery-less sensing and can wirelessly measure and communicate the ID, temperature and the value of an external MEMS sensor, such as pressure, shock, strain gauge, humidity, and more.

???Phase IV Engineering is very proud to have been chosen to be part of the CSIA DEMOgala. The company was selected from more than 140 nominees throughout Colorado, and we are very proud and honored to be one of the few selected from among the many truly innovative advanced technology companies from across this state,” said Richard Pollack, CEO and Founder of Phase IV Engineering.

“Phase IV has been at the forefront of innovation in Wireless Sensing for more than 17 years. As the inventors of Passive RFID Sensing (we developed the world???s first RFID sensing integrated circuit in the mid 1990???s), we have been providing turn-key solutions for the most harsh, challenging and diverse wireless sensing applications. Our SensIC technology opens up new possibilities for sensing in environments that were previously not possible.”

The theme of this year???s DEMOgala is ???The Crossroads of Technology, Innovation & Growth???.

RFID sensing and Phase IV Engineering???s products fit this theme perfectly.

The DEMOgala day long event features over 100 speakers on 15 different panels discussing the newest trends in technology.

Topics range from cloud computing, software development, crowdsourcing, mobile applications, web commerce, open source, social networking, APIs, transparency, and beyond.

About Phase IV Engineering:

Phase IV Engineering is a veteran-owned, private company based in Boulder Colorado. Their innovative technology has made them leaders in RF enabled sensing and monitoring solutions for over fifteen years, providing unique and challenging application solutions in the commercial aerospace, automotive and agricultural industries, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

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About CSIA:

CSIA is the leader on behalf of the information technology industry in Colorado, providing connections, insight, advocacy, and competitive edge programs and services to help technology companies succeed and prosper. Since 1994, CSIA has been involved in legislative issues and public policy to represent the information technology industry in Colorado, and has provided a number of annual programs, events and connections to support business success.
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