Temp Sensor With 2Kb EEPROM

ISSI Announces a Temperature Sensor With 2Kb Serial Presence Detect EEPROM for Memory Module Applications
SAN JOSE CA, USA — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. has introduced the IS34TS02, a temperature sensor with 2Kb Serial Presence Detect EEPROM. This device is designed specifically for memory module applications.

The IS34TS02 is RoHS compliant and has both the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) feature and a temperature sensor which make it ideal for DDR3 memory module applications.

SPD is a memory hardware feature that makes it possible for the computer to know what memory is present, and what timings to use to access the memory. The temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the module.

Applications include main memory modules for Desktop PCs, Notebooks, Servers and Netbooks.

The temperature sensor provides accuracy of ?? 1 degrees C from +70 ??C to +95 ??C and has an ambient temperature sensing range from -40 ??C to +125 ??C with resolution of 0.0625 ??C.

In the same package with the temperature sensor is a 2Kb Serial Presence Detect EEPROM with a 2-wire Serial interface that is both I2C(tm) and SMBus compatible. It uses a single 3.3V supply, and has a low operating current.

The EEPROM features data retention of 40 years and endurance of 1,000,000 cycles.

The ISSI serial EEPROM product line has densities from 1Kb to 256Kb, and offers Microwire(tm), I2C(tm) and SPI(tm) interfaces. The IS34TS02 broadens our product line with our first serial EEPROM device with a temperature sensor.

Price and Availability

For quantities of 10,000, the IS34TS02-3UDLI-TR, in a UDFN package with a -20 ??C to +125 ??C operating range, is priced at $0.75. Samples are available now with volume production shipments beginning in Q4, 2009.

About ISSI

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