Thermodo Latest Update (#6)

Kickstarter?? SmartPhone Temp Sensor Project Approaches Fulfillment Stage

Online — In this episode the 0-series production of the Red, White and Black Thermodos arrive at the office in Copenhagen. Michael unboxes and takes a closer look at the production grade units.

A Thermodo is taken straight from the box, plugged into a phone running the beta version of the Companion app and the temperature measurement is taken.

Behind The Scenes #6: Unboxing the 0-Series from Michael Flarup on Vimeo.

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What is Thermodo?

Thermodo is a sleek little thermometer for your mobile devices that?? can have?? everywhere. Thermodo is designed and produced by Robocat. Support for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. It was funded through a development project at Kickstarter.

Now with Thermodo companion app with SDK for iOS and Android. Windows Phone support possible once the stretch goal is reached. More online at

What is Robocat?

Robocat is an IOS App development company in Copenhagen, Denmark who have developed several iPhone and iPad apps related to weather and temperature, among other things. More online at:

ED NOTE We are one of the proud 8,776 Kickstarter backers of Thermodo, patiently awaiting our first models [the Tee Shirt has already arrived and is “well-used” 😉 ]