Perfect Dewpoint Measurement for Refrigerant Dryers

More reliable than traditional method of using refrigerator temps alone

DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter

The Vaisala HUMICAP?? Dewpoint Transmitter DMT132 is an affordable ,new dew point transmitter for verification of the refrigerant dryer functionality. It is especially well suited for OEM dryer manufacturers.

The DMT132 offers accuracy of ??1 ??C (??1.8 ??F) in the typical operating range of refrigerant dryers,?? from -3 to 20 ??C (from +26.6 to +68 ??F).

It’s quick and easy to install directly into dryers or compressed air lines, and has power requirements as low as 10 VDC. The DMT132 incorporates the proven Vaisala HUMICAP?? sensor, which is resistant to compressor oil and most other chemicals, thereby providing excellent long-term stability.

Vaisala offers a wide range of reliable, easy-to-use dew point meters for compressed air applications, from configurable transmitters with graphical displays to miniature OEM meters.

Our product family includes equipment for the full range of environmental conditions, from very dry to more humid. Spot-checking is easy with the compatible hand-helds, either the Vaisala DRYCAP?? Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70 or Vaisala HUMICAP?? Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter HM70.

Direct refrigerator dew point measurement provides accurate information about dryer functionality and is more reliable than the traditional method of measuring refrigerator temperature only.

Knowledge of the real dew point temperature ensures high quality compressed air at all times and enables customers to optimize dryer capacity. As well as helping to prevent investment in redundant dryer capacity, this also helps to avoid unnecessary maintenance and costly malfunctions.

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