Smallest Capacitive Humidity Sensor

Unique solution for “where space is limited”

Wattwil, Switzerland — Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) has added the World???s smallest capacitive humidity sensor to its line of thin-film sensors. Measuring just 1.85 mm x 1.85 mm, the P14 202 is capable of measuring from 0 to 100% relative humidity in a temperature range of -50 ??C to +150 ??C.

The assembly of the sensor is fully automated, and the contacts are designed for soldering and bonding.

Linearity Error and Hysteresis Less Than ??1.5% RH

The employment of high quality materials and manufacturing techniques has allowed IST to produce a thin-film humidity sensor with miniature dimensions that features excellent linearity and hysteresis behavior. The P14 202 offers a linearity error of less than ??1.5% RH (15 ??? 90% RH at 23 ??C, after one point calibration), and hysteresis of less than ??1.5% RH in a three hour cycle between 20% and 80% RH.

Unique Sensor Applications
The extraordinarily small volume and surface area of IST???s P14 202 lends itself to unique solutions where space is limited or ???smaller is better???. Two such applications include white goods/appliances, and mobile devices such as cell phones.

Innovative Sensor Technology is an international manufacturer of thin-film sensing devices; RTD temperature sensors, capacitive relative humidity sensors, and thermal mass flow sensors. Established in 1991, IST is an ISO 9001 certified company and is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, with offices in the Czech Republic and USA.

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