Webinar: An Introduction to Humidity & Moisture Measurement

19 JAN 2016 | 2 PM EST USA

Kahn optidew
Kahn “Optidew” Dewpoint meter

Online — Understand the technologies, techniques, and products used to measure moisture in compressed air and gases.

This presentation from Kahn Instruments addresses a range of topics, including humidity measurement definitions and terminology; moisture measurement technologies; sampling methods and calibration requirements.

Humidity and moisture measurement are critical to a broad array of industries, from natural gas processing and electric power generation to semiconductor manufacturing.

Since humidity can  be an unwanted contaminant, the amount of moisture present in the compressed air or gases used by these industries – as well as moisture in the air where products are manufactured, tested, and stored – must be monitored and controlled.

This presentation reviews technologies, techniques, and products used to measure moisture in compressed air and gases.

Attendees will discover primary technologies for moisture measurement, such as capacitive and chilled mirror (optical) devices, and they will learn which products and technologies are best suited for their particular application.

Principles of operation, product features, and benefits will be discussed, along with sampling methods and calibration requirements.

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Key Take Aways:

  • Understand why humidity and moisture should be measured and controlled
  • Learn the major markets and applications for moisture/humidity measurement
  • Discover primary technologies for measuring moisture in compressed air and gasses
  • Understand the importance of calibration frequency and traceability

Robert Bailey, Product Manager, Kahn Instruments

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey has served 17 years as Product Manager for Kahn Instruments’ product line of humidity and moisture measurement instrumentation and calibration systems.

He is responsible for new product applications, sales, marketing, technical support across North America.

Mr. Bailey holds a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA Degree.

Kahn manufactures and distributes a full line of precision hygrometers using the most accepted, proven technologies. Kahn hygrometers measure moisture in a broad variety of gases from vacuum to 6000 PSIG.

Featuring more than 10 models, the Kahn product line can measure dewpoints from -120 °C to +90 °C (-184 °F to 194 °F).

More information can be found in their hygrometer product line brochure. Click on the following link to download a copy:

Hygrometer Brochure

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