Third Generation Benchtop Centrifugal Evaporator

Ipswich, UK. —  The third generation EZ-2 Series centrifugal evaporator from Genevac is the latest version of this popular evaporation system that combines great performance, ease of use, wide sample format compatibility and can be used with all commonly used solvents

Crop canopy temperature can indicate water stress & crop water demand

“A novel way to measure water demand” by Tyler Harris Online — “What can crop canopy temperature tell you? “If you’re an irrigator, quite a bit. “Since 2012, Kendall DeJonge, an ag engineer with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, and other

Improving Environmental Impact of Material Science Discovery

DrySyn used in conjunction with CondenSyn air condensers Isleham, UK  —  Asynt reports how the Rannard Group at the Materials Innovation Factory, at the University of Liverpool (UK), uses new technologies supplied by the company to help improve the environmental

Measuring moisture absorption of shells for biofuels

From the Monitor Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition & Control | August 2018 Online — To try to stem global warming, the world is moving to renewable energy. One source of this is from biomass – fuel that is developed

NEW HOBOnet Field Monitoring System

Onset’s New Monitor of Field Conditions HOBOnet transforms the way you collect and view field data! With up to 50 wireless sensors streaming data back to one central, cloud-based weather station, you can now measure conditions over large areas once

Extremely Versatile Freeze Dryer

Benchtop Pro freeze dryers with an Omnitronics™ controller Stone Ridge, NY, USA  —  SP Scientific announces that its popular Benchtop Pro freeze dryers now include an Omnitronics™  controller as standard enabling application specific programming. The Omnitronics™ controller is driven by

Meteorological Technology World Expo to host CIMO TECO

“Towards fit-for-purpose environmental measurements” CIMO TECO-2018 is for experts in instruments and methods of observation from national meteorological and hydrological services, research institutes and the private sector, thus enabling exchange of experience and achievements in operational measurement practices, as well

OTT Hydromet’s new self-draining rain sensor

The OTT WAD Rain Sensor Online —  The OTT Hydromet Group is one of the leading providers of hydrological and meteorological sensors. These include various measuring systems for the detection of liquid and solid precipitation. The sensors can be used

NEW Multiparameter Weather Sensor

Lufft WS10 weather station Online — After three years of development, extensive laboratory and field tests as well as a BETA test round at some of our partners, the time has finally come: The Lufft WS10 weather station is ready

Heatwave hits European wind energy, boosts solar production

July wind and solar performance maps Online —  The same meteorological conditions behind the current heatwave in the Western Europe have contributed to a wind drought, negatively impacting wind energy project performance in markets including the UK, France, Spain, Germany