Eight Channel Wireless TC Module

OMEGA Introduces OM-WLS-TC series
Eight Channel Wireless Thermocouple Input Module
Stamford CT, USA — Omega???s new Eight channel wireless thermocouple input module supports thermocouple types J, K, T, E,N, R, S and B.

The OM-WLS-TC can be operated as a standalone plug-and-play device when connected directly to the computer???s USB port or as a remote wireless device that communicates with the computer through the OM-WLS-IFC USB-to-wireless interface.

The OM-WLS-TC is CE compliant and ships with an impressive array of software including the new TracerDAQ??, and full-featured, out-of-the-box data logging viewing, and analysis application.

  • Two integrated cold junction compensation (CJC) sensors are included for thermocouple measurements;
  • An open thermocouple detection feature allows detection of a broken thermocouple and
  • An onboard microprocessor automatically linearizes the measurement data.

The OM-WLS-TC features eight independent temperature alarms. Each alarm controls an associated digital I/O channel as an alarm output.

The input to each alarm is one of the temperature channels. The output of each alarm is software configurable as active high or low.

The temperature threshold conditions to activate each alarm are software programmable.

When an alarm is activated, the associated digital output channel is driven to the output state.

All configurable options are software programmable. The OM-WLS-TC is fully software-calibrated.

Ideal for chemical and water industries and for applications involving monitoring process temperatures in plant operations, R&D and manufacturing areas.

Price Starts at $769

Link to the complete spec sheet is: www.omega.com/pptst/OM-WLS-TC.html

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