Field verification of on-line hydrocarbon dew point measurements

A White Paper

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Online — This white paper on Mitchell Instrument’s website takes an unbiased look at the reasons for carrying out field verifications of hydrocarbon dew point measurements, and the benefits of each of the currently available options.

Hydrocarbon Dew-Point (HCDP) temperature is a critical parameter in determining the quality of natural gas.

High levels of heavy hydrocarbons in natural gas present possible safety issues and may cause damage to pipeline transmission systems and jeopardize operation of gas turbines.

Online HCDP analyzers provide peace of mind that the process is monitored continuously, however, over time even these reliable instruments need calibration and maintenance.

Verifying the online HCDP measurements not only ensures gas quality, but also protects equipment, ensures maintenance is carried out in time and avoids costly penalties for non-conformance to standards.

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