Firefighter Gear Drying System

Saves Money and Protects Firefighters


SPARKS MD, USA – Water is the enemy of fire, but it is also the enemy of turnout gear for firefighters, according to Jon Kugler, fire service and military specialist for STORAGELogic of Maryland.

“After the fire is out, it can take days to get gear dry again from water and sweat” Kugler said.

“Most gear is dried in tumble dryers, hung in lockers or even set out in the sun — processes which are slow and which shorten the life of the turnout gear, both are safety concerns for the firefighters who rely on it for protection.”

Kugler said the gear can become damaged if tumble dried and wet gear becomes thermally unstable adding to the risk of steam burns in future fires.

“And that doesn’t even consider the cost of the gear which can run nearly $4 thousand per firefighter,” he said.

“Shortening the life of such expensive equipment by even a few months can cause a real burden – particularly in a fundraising environment where funds for critical protective equipment and gear is increasingly strained.”

That’s why STORAGELogic is offering a new series of non-tumble dryers for turnout gear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The systems dry gear in a fraction of the time and help prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew.

In addition, using STORAGELogic dryers helps maintain the thermal stability to provide superior protection, user comfort and increase the lifespan of the gear.

“It can also mean that companies with high call volume as well as those with a small number of volunteers can return to service faster by having dry gear in the shortest possible time,” Kugler said.

The non-tumble dryers come in five basic styles;

  • a turnout gear dryer which dries boots, gloves, jackets and pants;
  • a helmet dryer which holds firefighter helmets or other specialized headgear;
  • a SCBA face piece dryer;
  • a one-piece rescue suit dryer; and
  • boot and glove dryer.

All five circulate warm air through the equipment to quickly remove moisture and get gear ready quickly and safely.

All units can be wall-mounted or most can be fitted with heavy-duty casters for mobile operation, both options that save valuable floorspace.

Kugler also noted that STORAGELogic’s dryers will pay for themselves in record time since most dryers cost less than a single set of turnout gear.

In Pennsylvania, STORAGELogic dryers have been approved for purchase using PA Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association funds.

All dryers also comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1500 and 1851 codes and standards that require drying using ambient forced air with no mechanical action such as tumble drying, no heat warmer than 105 °F, nor causing damage to gear, helmets or SCBA face pieces.

STORAGELogic will exhibit the firefighter gear drying system at the the 43rd annual Lancaster County Fireman’s Association Fire Expo 2015 from May 15 through May 17 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

STORAGELogic of Maryland ( is the exclusive distributor of Williams Direct Dryers. Kugler is a 27-year veteran of the volunteer fire service.
Jon T. Kugler, Fire Service and Military Specialist
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