Ground Water Data in Freezing Conditions

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Georgetown ONT, Canada –?? The operating temperature in water for a Levelogger is between -20?? to 80??C (-4?? to 180??F), so to avoid transducer damage, the easiest method is to lower the transducer below the frost line or ice formation depth.

In shallow streams, wetlands or ponds where freezing may penetrate to the bottom, install the Levelogger in a vented stilling well embedded into the bottom of the water body beyond the frost line.

If not possible, place the Levelogger inside two thin, elongated silicon, rubber or latex balloons filled with a non-toxic, non-corrosive anti-freeze or saltwater solution.

Place the balloons and logger in a section of perforated 1.25″ (30 mm) ID pipe in the monitored water. The antifreeze solution will protect the Levelogger from ice expansion at the pressure transducer, yet transmit any pressure and temperature fluctuations that occur.

Always use caution, as the Levelogger can only withstand up to 150% of its stated depth fluctuation range.

Click here to view a case study where this method was successfully used.

The Levelogger Gold is a self contained water level datalogger, which is completely designed, developed and manufactured in-house, in the tradition of all Solinst high quality products.

The Levelogger Gold uses infra-red data transfer, providing the flexibility of simple wireline installation, or using a Direct Read Cable to surface.

The SOLINST product line is ideal for site characterizations, spill investigations, and long-term ground water monitoring.

The Levelogger Gold includes a pressure transducer, temperature sensor, 10 year lithium battery (based on 1 reading per minute), and internal datalogger with a capacity of 40,000 temperature and groundwater level data points.

SOLINST CANADA LTD. has been manufacturing high quality groundwater instrumentation since 1980 when company president Doug Belshaw recognized the need for innovative and easy-to use instrumentation for the growing hydrogeology field. First, SOLINST introduced its Model 101 Water Level Meter for hydrogeologists in the United States. The sturdy design, stretch-resistant tape and special markings in feet and tenths of feet (now 1/100 ft) proved ideal.?? They now offer a broad range of innovative and practical equipment, used by both hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. The range still features Water Level Meters, but has expanded into dataloggers, telemetry, Interface Meters, Drive-Points, Samplers and Multilevel Systems.

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