Kett Handheld NIR Moisture Meter

Handheld NIR analyzer, Model KJT130

Replaces the KJT100.

KJT 130 - Enhanced Portable, Handheld ModelOnline —  Advanced model for even more robust calibration and measurement stability.

The World’s finest handheld NIR moisture meter, this unit operates on Camcorder batteries (or 110VAC) to provide unlimited portability.

Simply point the meter at the liquid or solid to be measured, let the value on the LCD display settle and push the save button to capture the measurement.

When connected to a PC with Kett’s Moisture TrackTM Software, moisture content can be continuously monitored without contact, sample preparation, alteration, or degradation of the product.

Please contact Kett’s office for configuration and pricing.

See: KJT130 for the brochure.

See article in Food Engineering Magazine by Wayne Labs for some applications and related details:

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Today Kett’s focus is moisture and organic composition analysis, coating thickness measurement, friction, wear, peel, adhesion and other surface property analyses, rice quality instrumentation and other agricultural test instruments for the grain and seed marketplace.

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