Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor

Hobo Model S-LWA-M003

Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor - S-LWA-M003

Bourbe MA, USA — The Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor provides accurate leaf wetness data in a number of growing and research applications. The sensor is ready to use and does not require any painting or coating.

It uses a capacitive grid that is less sensitive to surface residues than resistive grid-based sensors, and comes preconditioned for consistent measurements between sensors and for long-term stability.

Along with a 3-meter cable, a mounting bracket is included so the sensor can be easily positioned to mimic the wet-dry characteristics of the plants being studied.

The S-LWA-M003 Sensor is for use in Outdoor environments

The S-LWA-M003 Sensor supports the following measurements:
Leaf Wetness

Compatible Data Loggers:

Standalone – w/external sensor

U30-NRC-SYS-B: HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station Starter Kit

Standalone Data Loggers – requires external sensor

H21-002 Micro Station:?? U30-NRC USB Weather Station

Web-based Monitoring Systems – via remote communication

U30-GSM – Cellular communications

U30-WIF – Wi-Fi communications

U30-ETH Ethernet communications

For specifications and pricing visit: www.onsetcomp.com/products/sensors/s-lwa-m003

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