Multiple Flask Evaporator Enhances Productivity

Ipswich, UK & Stone Ridge NY, USA — For laboratories tired of having to constantly attend to multiple rotary evaporators, the Rocket??? Evaporator from Genevac sets the benchmark for productivity and ease-of-use.

Proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, the Rocket Evaporator provides truly unattended operation capability.

Requiring no training even a beginner can competently use the system in less than 5 minutes. Simply load?? flasks, highlight the desired evaporation method and press start.

Inbuilt monitoring and Automatic End of Run means users are able to focus on other tasks confident that they will achieve perfect, reproducible results every time.

Developed in response to users requiring an evaporator that could quickly process large volumes of solvent without supervision, the??Rocket??? Evaporator is able to safely and rapidly dry or concentrate as many as six flasks (each containing up to 450 ml solvent) or 18 ASE??? tubes five times faster than conventional evaporators.

In addition for concentrating large sample volumes directly into sample vials, the??Rocket??? Evaporator is fully compatible with Genevac’s proprietary SampleGenie??? style flask.

To achieve the dual goals of very fast evaporation, with precise temperature control to protect valuable samples, the Rocket??? Evaporator uses patented drying technology utilising low temperature steam to directly heat the sample flasks.

By pulling a vacuum on the samples, solvent(s) boil at a low temperature, which is determined by the pressure.

Genevac???s patented Dri-Pure?? technology further ensures sample integrity by eliminating solvent bumping and foaming that can lead to cross contamination. Incorporating an inbuilt 3 litre cold trap and requiring no peripherals for operation the compact??Rocket??? Evaporator fits neatly onto a laboratory bench or into a fume hood.

For further information on the??Rocket??? Evaporator please visit or contact Genevac on+44-1473-240000 / +1-845-255-5000 or email

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