NEW Dissolved Oxygen Meter: DOH-SD1

Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Real Time SD Card Data Logger
DOH-SD1, $700

Stamford CT, USA — Omega???s new DOH-SD1 series is an innovative and easy to operate dissolved oxygen meter with a real time SD card data logger which sets it apart from other dissolved oxygen meters. This CE product features LCD with green light backlighting, altitude & salt adjustments, RS232/USB Interface (with optional cable) and automatic temperature compensation.

The DOH-SD1 has a wide variety of applications from water conditioning, aquariums, and fish hatcheries to food processing, educational and other laboratories.

The OMEGA?? DOH-SD1 is innovative and easy to operate. What sets the DOH-SD1 apart from other dissolved oxygen meters is that it incorporates a real-time SD card data logger.

The DOH-SD1 measures dissolved oxygen and has adjustments for altitude and salt. Download data from the SD card into an Excel spreadsheet.

This allows the user to do further data or graphical analysis without special software.

Price starts $700

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