New System for Moisture Measurement in Solids

Micro-Polar II for the measurement of bulk materials

Micro-Polar II (LB 567)Bad Wildbad, Germany & Oak Ridge TN, USA –?? Micro-Polar II provides online monitoring on conveyor belts or chutes and can be easily installed at existing plants. The Microwave based measurement operates completely non-contacting.

The components are not exposed to any wear and tear as the emitting antenna is mounted below and the receiving antenna is mounted above the conveyor belt. Therefore no maintenance is required.

The measurement provides very representative measuring results by the penetration of all material layers.

Due to technical improvements in frequency and frequency range, new opportunities have become available for applications, which had been restricted in terms of bulk density or particle size.

Using the new system, even high bulk layers can be penetrated due to the increased dynamics. The multi-frequency technology used by Berthold Technologies ensures a very stable and reliable measurement as several measuring values are taken for different individual frequencies.

When varying bulk heights occur, the Micro-Polar II provides optional bulk height compensation.
Brochure Moisture- and Concentration Measurement Micro-Polar (pdf, 1.48 MB)

Dry Substance, Concentration and Water Content measured by Microwaves
Using the microwave measuring systems from BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES, concentration, dry substance, moisture and water content can be measured during the ongoing process in a wide variety of products.

The fields of application for our microwave systems are manifold ranging from the food industry to power plants through to mines and paper mills. The choice of sensors and technical features such as dynamics, frequency and other is extensive.

Micro-Polar can be used for measurement on the following:

– Bulk Materials
– Fluids
– Suspensions
– Pastes

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES has been using the microwave technology for more than 20 years to measure the moisture of bulk materials. The resulting technological experience, as well as the strong cooperation with customers in the international bulk industry, ensures the Micro-Polar is a very reliable instrument with the highest level of customer convenience.

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