New Tool to Develop Moisture Analysis Methods

New from Tovatech

MS-70 High Resolution Moisture Analyzer

Maplewood, NJ, USA – Scientific equipment provider Tovatech offers researchers and quality control technicians the benchtop 400-watt halogen MS-70 moisture analyzer to simplify establishing moisture analysis methods applicable to products having strict moisture content specifications.

Tovatech director Robert Sandor Ph.D. says “Several analyses may be required for researchers to identify parameters applicable to a specific product. Examples include sample size, sample protection, drying temperature, the drying profile and when to terminate the analysis.

The MS-70 moisture balance along with its WinCT methods development software,” he says, “quickly identifies optimum moisture analysis procedures.”

The MS-70 moisture balance 0 stores up to 20 moisture analysis programs in memory, has a resolution to 0.0001 g (0.001% moisture) and a drying temperature range of 30 ?C to 200 ?C.

The WinCT methods development software, provides real-time graphic display of the drying profile on a PC to determine measurement conditions include temperature, and to reduce the time needed for measurement and improve accuracy.

Among other features it:

  • displays changes in the sample moisture rate in real time
  • heats the sample at the highest practical temperature
  • provides measurements with good repeatability
  • automatically determines optimum heating conditions
  • evaluates the stability of moisture content at each temperature

The results establish the most suitable heating temperature in a one-time measurement that takes about 30 minutes.

A data summary for each sample processed shows the results of the moisture rate change during the measurement.

Data indicating the optimum heating time and temperature for each sample are recorded and stored as a .CSV file.

Additional information on the MS-70 moisture analyzer with its analysis development software is on the Tovatech website ( or contact Tovatech director, Dr. Robert Sandor, at

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