Safe, Efficient Concentration of Biological Samples

Motorless & Very Quiet

MiVac_DNAIpswich, UK — The miVac DNA is a compact concentrator from Genevac capable of safely and efficiently removing water and organic solvents from biological samples in a variety of formats including tubes, microplates and vials.

The miVac DNA system is very simple to use. The ???select & set??? single control knob control enables even new users to obtain excellent results first time and every time.

To improve performance there are built-in stored methods for concentration of water and water / alcohol based samples, which optimise concentration time.

The miVac DNA offers digital control of concentrator temperature and short concentration times, minimising the risk of heat damage to your samples.

Unlike centrifugal filters, the miVac DNA concentrates effortlessly and returns 100% of your samples every time, and with no consumable costs. Delivering best-of-class performance in all aspects the miVac DNA provides scientists everything they need to safely and swiftly concentrate or dry their samples in a compact easy-to-use package.

The revolutionary design has no motor and is therefore very quiet running. The miVac DNA is proven worldwide for reliable, productive use in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Academic Research and Forensic laboratories.

For further information on the miVac DNA concentrator please visit or contact Genevac on +44-1473-240000 / +1-845-255-5000 or email

Genevac is a subsidiary of SP Scientific, a leading manufacturer of specialty equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, academic, and OEM applications. Products are sold under marketing leading brands that include Genevac solvent evaporators and miVac sample concentrators, FTS precision thermal control systems and LyoStar freeze dryers with SMART for freeze drying cycle development and ControLyo for controlled ice nucleation, Virtis laboratory and pilot-plant driers, Hull production scale freeze dryers, and Hotpack glassware washers.

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