A simpler way to measure moisture

A NIR-based technique

 KJT130 Handheld Portable Instant Moisture MeterBy Mary Page Bailey, Chemengonline.com

The new NIR-based method enables portable, instant moisture readings of chemical feedstock, product formulations or any end product.

NIR moisture meters allow accurate measurement of solids, pastes, and liquids without contact or sample preparation, so there is no contamination in handheld and online models, says the company.

Because no direct contact or sample alteration is required, particle size variation and unusual textures are not an issue.

In addition, because the process is non-destructive, samples remain unaltered so they can be used for additional tests or put back into the product stream.

Unlike complex laboratory equipment, portable NIR equipment, such as the KJT130 Handheld Portable Instant Moisture Meter, are designed for ease of use — the user simply points the instrument at the product and the moisture content is instantly shown on a digital display, with results accurate to .01% in a 0-100% measurement range.

— Kett US, Anaheim, Calif.


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Kett was started by four engineers in 1946. After initially introducing a wood moisture tester and metal detector, it was their vision to design and manufacture portable handheld moisture analyzers. The goal was to provide a rice farmer with the same level of measurement quality available within government test labs.

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